Commitment to Sustainability

Exploring Plasma

Plasma is everywhere.1 It has been calculated that more than 95% of visible matter is plasma, a 4th state of matter that is essentially a hot ionized gas with free flowing electrons.2 According to NASA, the Earth is surrounded by a plasmasphere the size of 2-3 Earth radi wide at minimum.

With so much plasma, we at Fuse believe it is worth exploring conversion techniques of plasma to electricity and are dedicating 10% of our profits into research and development of sustainable plasma energy technology.

Potential Points of Research

1. Gassification Already an existing cleaner waste removal process utilizing plasma technology, we can explore how to make this cheaper and more self sustaining, eradicating landfills.

2. Syngas Purification One byproduct of gassification is syngas, which powers turbines to create electricity. However, syngas contains carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals. We will explore how to filter and clean syngas to create a more potent and sustainable biofuel.

3. Plasma to Electricity In the future we will explore how to convert plasma energy in the air into electricity without disrupting unknown uknown balances.

4. Lightsabers Cause who wouldn't want one of those?

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